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Premium Attic Cleaning and Insulation Services

Dirt, mold and moisture can easily build up in your attic. You might not be aware of this, and even if you are, it may not worry you. However, a neglected attic will cost you money. Whether this is through poor insulation that makes your home hard to keep cool, or from infestation by vermin, you’ll need to take care of your attic. Attic Cleaning Canoga Park provides services throughout the local area, so residents in Sherman Oaks and Encino can make sure their attic isn’t costing them their hard-earned money.

Removing And Replacing Attic Insulation

Insulation can easily be damaged in a number of different ways. For instance, moisture leaking in through cracks in roof tiles or poorly-sealed walls can quickly ruin insulating materials. Rodents are also notorious for burrowing into insulation materials, making them useless. If your insulation is damaged, Attic Cleaning Canoga Park will be able to quickly and thoroughly remove it. It’s essential to make sure that every little bit is taken away - any leftovers can carry contamination from vermin or mold in the old insulation. New material can then be fitted, ensuring that your home is kept comfortable.

Improving Your Property’s Insulation

In the middle of a hot California summer, you’ll want your A/C system to work as efficiently as possible. Tarzana and Hollywood residents won’t want to choose between running up a huge electricity bill and living in a sweaty, sticky home, so good insulation is a must. Our technicians can provide improvements to your home with professional radiant barrier installation, and thorough sealing of all gaps in your attic.

Decontamination For Your Attic

What do you do if mold or an infestation has taken hold in your attic? Even once the insulation material is cleared away, there’s still plenty of potentially dangerous material left over such as spores and droppings. Decontamination removes all traces of these from your home, leaving a clean surface for new insulation to be installed. If you’re within the Attic Cleaning Canoga Park, CA, service footprint, including towns like Van Nuys and Reseda, our team can help you.

Rodent Proofing Your Attic

Want to ensure your property doesn't become infested with rats and mice? Let us seal all nooks and crannies these critters can work their way in through. Eliminating access points will make it extremely hard for rodents to get inside your attic, and cleaning the area will make the place less inviting. Rats and mice love dirty old insulation material they can nest in, and are constantly looking for tall branches and holes they can utilize to get inside your cozy attic. Well, let's nip that in the bud as soon as possible.

Ready To Help

Big problems with your attic don’t always come at convenient times. You might be just about to head off on vacation, or busy dealing with a stressful situation at work. You need to know that your property’s problems are being taken care of straight away - not growing worse. Attic Cleaning Canoga Park is ready to provide high-quality services for your attic whenever you need it. From attic cleaning and rodent removal to high-quality installations, our team is on hand to help you.

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Covering Your Commercial and Residential Needs

People tend to neglect their attics, whether at their home, office, store or any other commercial or residential building, and so, it comes in handy when you know a company like us, who's got you covered both at home and at your business, with the best professional commercial and residential attic cleaning services in Canoga Park and its vicinity.




Your company did a great job rodent-proofing my home. I cannot thank your friendly crew enough for the amazing service.
Mark Clark
I was very pleasantly surprised by the great experience I had with this company. They did a great job replacing my old attic insulation for a new one. Highly recommend!
Violet Brentley
The workers from this company were super-efficient, answered all my questions, and did a tremendous job installing our new attic insulation. I'll gladly recommend their services to all my friends & family!
Eden Lance


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