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Attic Cleaning Canoga Park has been around for years assisting customers like you in the area, and doing so has led to us being known as the best service provider in California. We don’t take that lightly! Our trustworthy staff is dedicated to doing the very best work possible for your home, using the highest-quality tools and products available to ensure everything is as fresh and clean is can be.

Have A Rodent Issue?

If pests have invaded your attic, they can be difficult to deal with if you don’t have assistance. Thankfully, that’s something we offer! We’ll get your attic cleaned out, and decontaminated if necessary, getting rid of the problem and the droppings that can be a health hazard. As a follow up, we can also do rodent proofing. If they’re in the attic, they might be in the crawl space as well. To be sure that they’ve all been taken care of, our experts can clean your crawl space too, so you can rest easy!

What Does Insulation Do For You?

Most people likely know that heat rises, but without proper insulation, it’ll rise right out of your home. This means more heating is necessary to keep your house warm. A similar issue occurs with air-conditioning, to keep the temperature regulated it will have to keep running. If your attic has insulation, but your energy bill is still high, it likely isn’t enough. That’s where we come in!

Fast, Excellent Installation Services

Our experts at Attic Cleaning Canoga Park will be happy to come out and get to work as soon as possible. The can easily and safely take out the old and put in the new in no time. They’ll help you determine whatever type and amount is best suited to your attic to ensure it’ll function properly, and save you money in the long run. Be it fiberglass, blown-in, or otherwise, our trained team will be able to handle it.

We also perform cleaning and decontamination of crawl spaces as well.

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