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Keep children away from areas where insulation is exposed

If your attic has insulation that's exposed and accessible, or if any part of your home has it in the open while remodeling is happening, make sure that children can't get near it. Most types can be harmful in some way or another, and some like fiberglass may look enticing for them to touch despite the pain it will cause them if they do. Instructing them not to touch it helps, but particles may still be jostled loose if they're close.

Take precautions when cleaning up after rodents

Allow fresh air to come in by ventilating the area for at least 30 minutes. Cover any broken skin and use disposable PPE to protect yourself against any infections. DON’T sweep or vacuum! Soak the urine and droppings with a bleach solution, clean it with a paper towel after 5 minutes and then mope the whole attic with a disinfectant. After removing the contaminated material (placed in plastic bags and sealed) and PPE, wash thoroughly any exposed skin and your hands. It’s always better – and easier – to let our experts do the work for you.

Check for water damage periodically

It's important to make sure that your attic's insulation, wood, and belongings aren't being degraded or made moldy by water leaking in that you're unaware of. Every now and then you should check your attic for any signs of moisture, such as discoloration in the wood, mildew smell, or potentially even standing water if it's bad enough. Water will ruin insulation, and the mold it can cause will weaken structures in your attic along with being a health hazard, so it's vital to be vigilant.


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