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Attic Insulation Removal

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While easily forgotten thanks to being out of sight up in your attic, there are many troubles that can befall your insulation and render it useless. If rodents have invaded the area, it will get torn up to be used for nesting materials. The holes left behind will cause shifting and create cold spots where air can get through. Age can also mean slouching out of place and gaps where there's no cover, as it doesn't last forever and degradation is bound to happen over time. If even a little moisture gets in from a leak in the roof or otherwise, the insulation will absorb it and be damaged, especially thanks to mold growing and spreading because of this. The mold can also eat away at other parts of your attic and its spores are dangerous, which is why making sure your insulation is in good shape is important.

Why Should You Get It Removed?

If there has been some kind of damage to it, aside from the health problems that could be connected to various issues, it's important for the sake of energy efficiency to get it taken care of. If it's been harmed, it's highly likely that air is able to escape through it, rather than being trapped inside to circulate as intended to keep the temperature comfortable. The only way to stabilize the temperature is for the heater and AC to run for longer, thus wasting energy and money in the process. If you notice your bill rising its probably time to get it checked out!

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