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Radiant Barrier

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Times used to be simple. Man lived in caves. If it was cold, they lit up fires. If it was hot, well, it was hot. In modern day and age things are a lot more convenient. Mankind has put its endless ingenuity to come up with inventions that make life so much easier. Today, heat, cold, and heat transfer are no longer a problem, and not because of the more common solutions you might think about like air conditioning and heaters.

Hey, what's wrong with heat transfer?

First, what's the problem with heat transfer, you might wonder. After all, it's a natural phenomenon that's been around longer than we have. But, heat transfer doesn’t always work for your benefit. What it actually means is heat moving from one place with higher temperatures to an adjacent place with lower temperatures. This means that if it's cold outside and you're trying to keep your house warm and cozy, the heat will try to find a way to get outside where temperatures are lower. This also works the other way around. If it is summer and extremely hot outside and you're trying to keep your house nice and cool, heat from outside will try to find its way into your house, to eliminate temperatures differences.

Meet radiant barrier – controlling heat transfer

Radiant barrier is a simple and ingenious solution to the abovementioned problems. This physical contraption is usually installed in attics, both residential and commercial, and prevents heat transfer by deflecting it. This means that most of the heat that comes from the outside and through the roof will be deflected back outside and only a little of it will actually penetrate through the ceiling.

This also means that heat that tries to escape the building through the ceiling will be deflected back down and will remain within the building.

These effects result in better climate control within structures, in reduced electricity bills due to easier strain on air conditioning systems, a more noticeable eco-friendly approach by building owners who install such means, and in a more pleasant environment within the property.

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